The Importance of Travel Insurance

The Importance of Travel Insurance Travel insurance is often the last thing travellers think about – either they believe they wont need it or its an expense that they would rather avoid. But almost any serious traveler will tell you – things can, and do wrong, when you least expect it so its better to
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Working your way around the world

If you have the travel itch but don’t have the bank account to match- working while you travel is a great way to earn and even save money while seeing the world. There are essentially 5 groups of jobs open to travellers: tourism; agriculture, childcare, teaching English and volunteer work.

Communicating With Locals Like a Game of Charades?

First word, 4 letters, 3 syllables, second word 2 letters and point to oneself- Help me you scream! Communicating while traveling abroad can often seem like a game of charades or even a one man play both to you and the person you are attempting to communicate with. While you may master the basics, communicating becomes increasingly more difficult if…

Top 10 Ways to Lighten your Load and Pack Compactly

Pack A Light Backpack

When backpacking, everyone says to pack light but most travelers learn the hard way with a 70-80 kilo pack filled to the brim, barely able to wobble up the 5 flights of stairs to their room. There are so many options to choose from when deciding the weight of one’s knapsack but each traveler must find a balance between their own personal traveling necessities and the ease at which they travel. Some travelers swear by …