Backpacking Europe

Backpacking in Barcelona Spain

Western Europe Backpacking Europe Many backpackers start their life of backpacking in the navigable continent of Europe. It’s relatively easy to get around, the food won’t make you run to the bathroom and you are bound to find another tourist just as lost as you are. For those testing their propensity for backpacking Europe is
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Top 10 Ways to Lighten your Load and Pack Compactly

Pack A Light Backpack

When backpacking, everyone says to pack light but most travelers learn the hard way with a 70-80 kilo pack filled to the brim, barely able to wobble up the 5 flights of stairs to their room. There are so many options to choose from when deciding the weight of one’s knapsack but each traveler must find a balance between their own personal traveling necessities and the ease at which they travel. Some travelers swear by …