Backpacking Europe

Backpacking in Barcelona Spain

Western Europe Backpacking Europe Many backpackers start their life of backpacking in the navigable continent of Europe. It’s relatively easy to get around, the food won’t make you run to the bathroom and you are bound to find another tourist just as lost as you are. For those testing their propensity for backpacking Europe is
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Sailing the Yasawa Islands


Fiji, known for its thirst quenching “Fiji” water, gracious hospitality, Kava ceremonies and idyllic islands is a spot in the South Pacific that shouldn’t be missed. While the images of of Fiji you would normally see on t.v. or in gossip magazines detailing latest whose-who honeymoons / vacations spots display crystal clear waters and white sand beaches my first glimpse of Fiji was anything but…

Rio De Janeiro in 3 Days

Rio De Janiero

Rio De Janeiro Itinerary- Rio de Janeiro in 3 days Rio is such a large and diverse city with so many things to see and activities to experience, if you are short on time, below is a rough guide on how to maximize your time in Rio de Janeiro in 3 days. Day 1 in Rio
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Refillable Travel Spray

Refillable Travel Spray Hey backpacking beauty mavens, do you want to smell good as you trek the Himalayas but don’t want the inconvenience of lugging around an oversized perfume bottle – check out this refillable travel spray. Our friends at Travalo have come up this amazing beauty tool, which simplifies the annoyances associated with packing
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Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mozambique

Whale Sharks in Mozambique

Swimming with Whale Sharks Ever seen a whale shark? If no, don’t sweat it as they tend to be difficult to spot even in world class diving destinations but swimming with whale sharks should top any traveller’s list.  In fact, if you ask any diver, nine times out of ten, their dream dive includes a
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Boipeba – Brazil’s Hidden Gem

Boipeba Beach

Boipeba – Brazil’s Hidden Gem Boipeba, an island off the coast of the bustling town of Salvador, is one of Brazil’s hidden gems. Compared to its more popular counterpart, Morro de Sao Paulo, this island located in the Tinharé archipelago in the southern part of Bahia state is truly one of the region’s best kept secrets. Boipeba
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A Taste of Old San Juan

Eating in San Juan Old San Juan’s cobble stone streets, tiny alleyways and colourful storefronts all echo a time of rich history and flavour. Not only does the city exemplify the zest of Puerto Rican culture, so does its cuisine. For a taste of Old San Juan head to La Bombonera, a classic Puerto Rican
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East Africa Wildlife Safari

East Africa Itinerary Any East Africa itinerary will include a balance between wildlife, landscapes and culture. A trip to East Africa is like no other with a diverse range of experiences available from wildlife safaris, to beautiful beaches to large metropolises, the region offers endless possibilities to explore. East Africa Itinerary – Safaris and Islands
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Paper or Plastic?

The Best Way to Pay for Backpacking When travelling many travellers are plagued by money management concerns–cash, travellers cheques, debit cards or credit cards? The best strategy when backpacking, especially if you are going to be gone for a long time, is to bring a mixture of cash (large and small destinations), travellers cheques, credit
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