The Best of Argentina in Two Weeks

Iguazu Falls

The Best of Argentina The sound of tango, the smell of perfectly grilled steaks and the aroma of Malbec has always beckoned me to Argentina and as a newly married woman, my husband and I decided to head to Argentina for our honeymoon. Both with demanding work schedules, we had to pack in a lot of action in
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Women’s Health

Womens Health

Women’s Travel Health Women travelling abroad will encounter a range of women’s travel health issues: ranging from pregnancy complications to urinary tract infections to candida. Female backpackers should be prepared for unexpected illnesses and be able to recognize the symptoms and effectively treat them before the issue worsens. Pregnant Women: Women’s Travel Health Issues Pregnant
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Meditative Repose

Want to learn the art of meditative thought but never met a yogi? Four years ago, in Rishikesh, India (the yoga capital of the world) I had the opportunity to study yoga and meditation with a fantastic teacher. He instilled in me a meditative regime that I still follow to this day and it serves as a constant source of calm and relaxation in my life.

Why Go Backpacking?

Why Go Backpacking? Why go Backpacking? To those of you that have been backpacking before, you probably already have “The Itch” and need no convincing. But, to those that have never had a real backpacking experience, then you need to keep reading. By “The Itch,” I am referring to the unrelentingly desire to move from
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Arequipa (Day 8)

Getting to Arequipa: You can fly to Arequipa from Lima or Cuzco on LAN. By bus, it takes approximately 16- 18 hours from Lima. From Nazca is takes about 10- 12 hours and from Cuzco you can take an overnight bus that takes around 9-11 hours. At 2325m (7626 ft) above sea level, Arequipa, Peru’s second largest
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A Canadian Adventure – Dog Sledding in Quebec City

Dog sledding in Quebec City Quebec City is known for the UNESCO listed World heritage Site of Vieux Quebec (fortified old city), the 19th century Chateau Frontenac and the famous ski hills of Mont Sainte Anne but its also a great spot for outdoor activities. Quebec City is a fantastic city to visit in both
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Lima (Day 1-2)

[mappress] Backpacking in Lima Backpacking in Lima is relatively easy, there are tons of hostels, lots of delicious places to eat and numerous activities for any traveler. Backpacking in Lima: Activities Lima is fast becoming one of the food capitals of the world. Make sure your try some of South America’s finest cuisine in one of Miraflores
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Communicating With Locals Like a Game of Charades?

First word, 4 letters, 3 syllables, second word 2 letters and point to oneself- Help me you scream! Communicating while traveling abroad can often seem like a game of charades or even a one man play both to you and the person you are attempting to communicate with. While you may master the basics, communicating becomes increasingly more difficult if…

Backpacking Must-Haves

What to Pack

While every traveler can figure out the traveling basics such as t-shirts and underwear, whether or not they need a fleece and what constitutes appropriate footwear etc. these packing tricks may not seem obvious at first glance but they are the little things that make traveling that much simpler and safeguard you against…