A Taste of Old San Juan

Eating in San Juan Old San Juan’s cobble stone streets, tiny alleyways and colourful storefronts all echo a time of rich history and flavour. Not only does the city exemplify the zest of Puerto Rican culture, so does its cuisine. For a taste of Old San Juan head to La Bombonera, a classic Puerto Rican
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Refillable Travel Spray

Refillable Travel Spray Hey backpacking beauty mavens, do you want to smell good as you trek the Himalayas but don’t want the inconvenience of lugging around an oversized perfume bottle – check out this refillable travel spray. Our friends at Travalo have come up this amazing beauty tool, which simplifies the annoyances associated with packing
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East Africa Wildlife Safari

East Africa Itinerary Any East Africa itinerary will include a balance between wildlife, landscapes and culture. A trip to East Africa is like no other with a diverse range of experiences available from wildlife safaris, to beautiful beaches to large metropolises, the region offers endless possibilities to explore. East Africa Itinerary – Safaris and Islands
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The Art of Haggling

In most countries, outside North America, haggling is seen as an integral part of most commercial transactions, especially when it comes to tourist shops, hotels or excursions. It is not unusual for tourists to be charged at least double or even triple the ‘local’ price. Ideally

Puno/Lake Titicaca (Day 8-9)

You really need a few days to properly explore Puno / Lake Titicaca’s islands. The influences of tourism have already started to impact the many island communities. When you visit the islands, do your best as a responsible traveler to act respectfully throughout your stay. There are a number of ways to act conscientiously; such as, bringing your
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The Importance of Travel Insurance

The Importance of Travel Insurance Travel insurance is often the last thing travellers think about – either they believe they wont need it or its an expense that they would rather avoid. But almost any serious traveler will tell you – things can, and do wrong, when you least expect it so its better to
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Paper or Plastic?

The Best Way to Pay for Backpacking When travelling many travellers are plagued by money management concerns–cash, travellers cheques, debit cards or credit cards? The best strategy when backpacking, especially if you are going to be gone for a long time, is to bring a mixture of cash (large and small destinations), travellers cheques, credit
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