Top 10 Poutine Spots in Canada

What is the Best Poutine in Canada?

Poutine, a French Canadian food, with artery clogging properties has exploded into Canada’s food scene. Those unfamiliar with this greasy cuisine may look upon it with disdain, questioning how anyone could want to stuff such a calorie and fat enriched meal into just a few bites. Yet, any poutine lover will tell you it is worth every bite. It is a perfect mix of all the diet no-no’s- crispy, thick fries, squeaky cheese curds all topped with perfectly seasoned juicy gravy that melts into the warmth of the fries and cheese

There are diverging stories as to where and when poutine originated. The earliest tale of poutine’s inception started is mid 1950’s in Warwick, Quebec, where restaurateur Fernard LaChance was asked by a customer to mix french fries and cheese in a bag to which LaChance remarked “ca va faire une maudite poutine: (“That’s going to make a damn mess”). The addition of gravy was supposedly concocted by restauranteur Roy le Jucep in the 60’s who sold potato sauce slathered on french fries. He started to realize that people were using the cheese curds, which he used to sell as snacks, to top off his gravy/fry concoction. Eventually poutine made its way to New York club land where it became known as “disco fries” the mixture of beef gravy, fries and shredded shedder cheese became a favorite of late night party-goers looking to soak up some excess alcohol. While extremely popular across Quebec, poutine has exploded onto the restaurant scene across Canada from high to low-end places all serving up their own variety of this gooey mixture. Find out the spots for the best Poutine in Canada.

Best Poutine in Canada

1. The Banquise, Montreal

994 Rachel East


Some claim this hipster joint is the best poutine in the city. While its classic poutine is pretty good, this poutine house is famous for the variety of poutine flavors: from the choux (coleslaw poutine) to the Kamikaze (hot sausage, hot peppers and tobacco) the astounding variety of poutine flavors could satisfy any palate. The portions are plentiful and this 24 hours joint, keeps customers poutine happy day and night. Be prepared to wait post clubbing as this place fills up pretty fast and on a cold Montreal night, it’s a good idea to bundle up.

Poutine @ La Banquise

2. Ashton’s, Quebec City

Multiple Locations

This poutine chain with locations all over Quebec City and its suburbs always has a long line of customers waiting for their staple. Customers can choose from classic poutine, poutine with mini hot dogs or poutine with green peas- all equally popular in Quebec. Ashton’s buy their potatoes fresh from Lile d”Orleans (minutes away), which are cut fresh daily so they always have that fresh?, no frozen taste. Some say this is the best poutine in all of Quebec, which is a pretty big honoring, considering poutine’s roots.

Poutine Ashton

3. M&Gs Chipwagon, Bank and Sunnyside, Ottawa

1089 Bank St.

This Ottawa institution is known for their great fries and excellent poutine. While the owner is mildly reminiscent of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, this greasy food keeps people coming back for more. Their poutine is one of Ottawa’s best from their thick gravy to the piles of cheese curds and thick fries; this poutine truly has it all. It’s a poutine that you can feel the grease soaking into your intestines and while you may regret the indulgence 20 minutes after eating it, while chowing down on this famous poutine it always seems well worth it.


4. La Belle Patate, Vancouver

1215 Davie St.

(604) 569 1215

Quebecois’ longing for a taste of Montreal style poutine flock to this industrial style park restaurant for a taste of home. This restaurant specializes in French Canadian delicacies and the poutine is no exception. This poutine is famous because its fries are hand-cut, the gravy is delicious, and there are tons of cheese curds, bacon and even onions. While the poutine brings in the crowds their smoke meat and hot dogs earn top points.

La Belle Patate

5. Poutini’s, Toronto

1112 Queen St. West


This poutine specific, take-out resto has become a staple on the Queen West night-goers circuit. Knowing that it has big shoes to fill, this place pays attention to the little details- they don’t merely slather on the gravy and curds but delicately place each element into the bucket. The buttery gravy, thickened with roux and roasted bones is evenly spread on top of hand cut P.E.I potatoes, which is then skillfully slathered with maple Dale Cheese curds, doing their best French Canadian impersonation of this classic delicacy.



6. Monsieur Poutine, Drummondville, Quebec

100 110e Ave.

(819) 478 2516

While it may be difficult to find someone who speaks English, the poutine makes up for it. Established in 1978, this 24-hour joint has been serving the community quality Quebecois cuisine for 33 years. Make sure you order it with extra mushrooms.

Monsieur Patate


7. Frite Alors, Montreal

Multiple Locations

This chain took off across Montreal as a result of its delicious tasting poutine. Their entire business model is built off of their appreciation for poutine, offering different poutine types and combinations. The poutine here is the perfect mix of all essential poutine elements: crispy fries, peppery gravy and tasty cheese curds.

Frite Alors! La Frite Alors

Frites Alors

8. Crispy Chips, Ottawa

Hunt Club at Merivale

Located in the Canadian Tire parking lot at the Hunt Club and Merivale this typical chip wagon serves anything but ordinary poutine. As their name suggests, their fries are crispy, but not overly done, their gravy is rich in flavor and they definitely do not skimp on cheese curds.




9. Willys, Nova Scotia

5239 Blowers Street

(902) 446-3365

This busy restaurant is known not only for their poutine but also for their succulent burgers and philly cheesteak. While their meat dishes make this place famous, their poutine gravy is vegetarian making this an excellent choice for veggie lovers looking to dig into some rich and creamy poutine.


10. Au Pied de Cochon, Montreal

536 East Duluth


While poutine doesn’t need to be fancy to be delicious, Montreal chef Martin Picard understands how all the gooey elements in a dirty poutine can be combined with sophistication. Fois gras poutine, is a take on this classic Quebecois delicacy. Picard’s poutine is made with fries fried in duck fat, squeaky cheese curds topped with fois gras (liver of a duck or goose) and two different kinds of gravy (one regular beef gravy and the other consisted of a mixture of egg and melted fois gras). While the poutine is fantastic at Au Pied de Cochon, it is their mouth-watering, sinful menu that has pummeled the resto into a cult like status among foodies.

Fois gras poutine, Au Pied de Cochon

The best poutine in Canada is found across the country but if you want the authentic recipe, head to interior of Quebec for a taste Quebecois hospitality.

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