The Art of Haggling

In most countries, outside North America, haggling is seen as an integral part of most commercial transactions, especially when it comes to tourist shops, hotels or excursions. It is not unusual for tourists to be charged at least double or even triple the ‘local’ price. Ideally

Communicating With Locals Like a Game of Charades?

First word, 4 letters, 3 syllables, second word 2 letters and point to oneself- Help me you scream! Communicating while traveling abroad can often seem like a game of charades or even a one man play both to you and the person you are attempting to communicate with. While you may master the basics, communicating becomes increasingly more difficult if…

Hostel Etiquette

While I claim to love backpacking, I have to admit that I don’t enjoy dorms – in fact the last time I stayed in a dorm was probably 6 years ago on an organized tour – where I had no choice but to sleep with my fellow travellers. While this may seem a little…

Working your way around the world

If you have the travel itch but don’t have the bank account to match- working while you travel is a great way to earn and even save money while seeing the world. There are essentially 5 groups of jobs open to travellers: tourism; agriculture, childcare, teaching English and volunteer work.

Top 10 Scams in Asia

Unfortunately in most poor countries there are an abundance of people milling around ready and willing to relieve travelers of their money. These smooth talking, overly friendly touts can be hard to avoid but they are relatively harmless and only looking to make a quick commission. To avoid succumbing to one of their scams, stick to your instincts – if a situation appears sketchy just walk away.