Surfing in Mancora (Day 17- 20)

Backpacking in Mancora After all that trekking you will need some lounging time to rest and repair your muscles – finish up your Peruvian tour in the seaside surf town of Mancora. Take the train from Machu Pichu to Cusco and then grab a flight back to Lima Getting to Mancora from Lima: The fastest
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Pisco/Isla Ballestas (Day 3)

Known as the poor man’s Galapagos, a trip out to Pisco or Isla Ballestas will give you a chance to view sea lion colonies, penguins and abundant bird life. Getting to Pisco: Pisco is 4 hours from Lima. 1.5- 2 hours from ICA Activities in Pisco: Trip to Isla Ballesta costs around $10 and leaves at
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Ica and Huaccachina (Day 4-6)

Huacachina is quite literally an oasis in the middle of the desert. You can spend your day sand-boarding, climbing up sand dunes or relaxing by the water. Getting to Huacachina: Huacachina is 4.5 hours from Lima Sleeping in Huacachina The accommodation in Huacachina is not fantastic and the pickings are slim. Hotel Salvatierra ( singles from $3 and doubles from
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Puno/Lake Titicaca (Day 8-9)

You really need a few days to properly explore Puno / Lake Titicaca’s islands. The influences of tourism have already started to impact the many island communities. When you visit the islands, do your best as a responsible traveler to act respectfully throughout your stay. There are a number of ways to act conscientiously; such as, bringing your
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Arequipa (Day 8)

Getting to Arequipa: You can fly to Arequipa from Lima or Cuzco on LAN. By bus, it takes approximately 16- 18 hours from Lima. From Nazca is takes about 10- 12 hours and from Cuzco you can take an overnight bus that takes around 9-11 hours. At 2325m (7626 ft) above sea level, Arequipa, Peru’s second largest
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Inca Trail or Salkantray Trail Machu Pichu (Day 12-16)

Machu Pichu

Backpacking Machu Pichu Backpacking Machu Pichu is an 82K trail marking the journey of a lifetime on the ancient trail of the Incas. Most tour organizations include local porters and guides ensure to take the load off your back and provide stress free trips. Fascinating ruins and spectacular scenery fill every day. On the final
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Boipeba – Brazil’s Hidden Gem

Boipeba Beach

Boipeba – Brazil’s Hidden Gem Boipeba, an island off the coast of the bustling town of Salvador, is one of Brazil’s hidden gems. Compared to its more popular counterpart, Morro de Sao Paulo, this island located in the Tinharé archipelago in the southern part of Bahia state is truly one of the region’s best kept secrets. Boipeba
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Rio De Janeiro in 3 Days

Rio De Janiero

Rio De Janeiro Itinerary- Rio de Janeiro in 3 days Rio is such a large and diverse city with so many things to see and activities to experience, if you are short on time, below is a rough guide on how to maximize your time in Rio de Janeiro in 3 days. Day 1 in Rio
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The Best of Argentina in Two Weeks

Iguazu Falls

The Best of Argentina The sound of tango, the smell of perfectly grilled steaks and the aroma of Malbec has always beckoned me to Argentina and as a newly married woman, my husband and I decided to head to Argentina for our honeymoon. Both with demanding work schedules, we had to pack in a lot of action in
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Lima (Day 1-2)

[mappress] Backpacking in Lima Backpacking in Lima is relatively easy, there are tons of hostels, lots of delicious places to eat and numerous activities for any traveler. Backpacking in Lima: Activities Lima is fast becoming one of the food capitals of the world. Make sure your try some of South America’s finest cuisine in one of Miraflores
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