Ica and Huaccachina (Day 4-6)

Huacachina is quite literally an oasis in the middle of the desert. You can spend your day sand-boarding, climbing up sand dunes or relaxing by the water.

Getting to Huacachina:

Huacachina is 4.5 hours from Lima

Sleeping in Huacachina

The accommodation in Huacachina is not fantastic and the pickings are slim.

  • Hotel Salvatierra ( singles from $3 and doubles from $6)
    • This budget accommodation near the lagoon offers a relaxing atmosphere with a private pool.T
  • Casa de Arena (singles from $5 and doubles from $7.50)
    • This popular backpackers hostel, offers mediocre rooms with a poolside bar which is sets up the perfect setting for all night parties

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