Lima (Day 1-2)



Backpacking in Lima

Backpacking in Lima is relatively easy, there are tons of hostels, lots of delicious places to eat and numerous activities for any traveler.

Backpacking in Lima: Activities

  • Lima is fast becoming one of the food capitals of the world. Make sure your try some of South America’s finest cuisine in one of Miraflores many restaurants
  • Discover the dusty catacombs of Monasterio de San Francisco, explore the palaces and pyramids of Pachacamac and experience Lima’s culture by visiting the Museo de la Nacion
  • contact Peru Fly at (tandem flights take off from Parque Raimondi and costs around $25 or alternatively you can take a 6 day course which costs around $450)
    • Looking to take a leap of faith? Try jumping off the cliffs of Miraflores and paragliding across Lima’s coast.

Backpacking in Lima: Sleeping

  • Hotel Espana (dorms $3.50 or double from $10 p/p)
    • A bit of a Lima backpacking institution, the rooms are basic but with its central location and great backpacking scene its a great place to meet other travelers.
    • Calle Azangaro 105
  • Hostel Kokopelli (dorms from $11 and doubles from $17) (breakfast included)
    • This clean and friendly hostel is a backpacker’s favourite in the heart of Miraflores is an excellent location
    • Calle Berlin 259, Miraflores
  • Loki Backpackers Hostel - (dorms from $10-14 and doubles from $30 per room)
    • This Peruvian hostel chain offers locations across the country and even in La Paz, Bolivia. While the rooms are nothing special if you are looking to party in Lima and meet tons of like minded travelers this is the spot.
    • Jose Galves 576, Miraflores

Backpacking in Lima: Eating

  • Restaurant Machu Pichu ($)
    • This popular backpackers choice offers, tasty resto offers plentiful portions at cheap prices.
    • near Hostal Espana at Ancash 312
  • Govinda ($)
    • If you want to trade in your ceviche for some curry, head to Govinda’s. This Indian, vegetarian restaurant offers good food at a cheap prices.
    • Schell 630, Miraflores
  • L’eau vive (French and Peruvian) (mains between $7-10) ($$)
    • The food at this restaurant is not only of the highest quality but the cause it supports is also fantastic- all profits go to helping the city’s poor.
  • Pescados Capitales (Peruvian seafood) ($$$$)
    • This restaurant is often hailed as the best restaurant in south America. But for some of the finest food you will need to empty out our backpacking piggy back (mains running at 20 and up).
    • La Mar 1337, Miraflores
  • Astrid y Gaston (Peruvian/ International) ($$$)
    • This excellent restaurant is run by a  husband and wife team. Its slightly less expensive than Pescados Capitales but more pricey than the average Lima joint. Try the anticucho and the lomo saltado.
    • Cantuarias 175, Miraflores,
  • Segundo Muelle (mains $6-8) ($$)
    • this cevicheria (restaurant serving raw seafood marinated in lime juice) is always crowded with Lima locals
    • Pablo Carriquirry 441

Backpacking in Lima: Partying

  • Head to Barranco for the Lima bar scene:
    • For the perfect view of the sunset head  to La Posada dl Miradro. This cliff-top cevicheria by day and bar by night has outdoor tables that are great for catching the sunset.
      • Ermita 104
    • For Barranco institution check out Juanito’s, this bar in the 60′s was a leftist pena but now its a cool spot to grab a drink. While  there is no sign, just look for the room filed with bottles of wine.
      • Av Grau 274
    • Tequila Rocks (admission $3) is a typical nightclub in Lima but it has received the reputation as the travelers pick up joint
      • Diez Canesco 146, Miraflores

Backpacking in Lima is tons of fun and should be included in any travellers’ itinerary.

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