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The Joys and Pitfalls of Travelling Alone

While the thought of travelling alone can seem daunting, it can be an incredibly liberating experience. So much so, that once you have experienced it you may never want to travel with a companion again. Starting off solo does not necessarily mean that you will travel alone. There are many travelers on the road travelling by themselves for the same reasons you are, which makes it easy to connect. Travelling alone exposes travellers to people they may never have encountered had they been travelling in a twosome yet it can also be significantly more dangerous than travelling with another person. Below are the pitfalls and joys of solo travel.

Joys of Travelling alone

You are your own boss

The very reason you decided to embark on this trip is to see the world on your own terms, so why have someone holding you back from crafting the very best possible trip for you? Travelling alone affords travellers with total flexibility. Some backpackers prefer to stick to a regimented itinerary while others like to go with the flow. Travelling solo is the ultimate form of self – indulgence as it allows you to do what you want when you want without worrying about the needs of anyone else but you.

Exposing yourself to new experiences

Travelling in a group, even in a twosome, can often close oneself off to new experiences and people. As a solo traveller you are more open to meeting new people along the road and chatting up the locals. Not only will you encounter new and interesting people that you may never have met travelling in a pack but these people will also expose you to some new experiences. For instance, while travelling solo in India I met some Israelis that insisted I head North to Rishikesh, where I meditated to the sounds of nearby waterfalls and practiced yoga in the mountains. I likely would never have gone there had I not been travelling on my own.

Backpacking solo

Moments of Solitude

Depending on the type of traveller you are, this may be either a positive or negative aspect of travelling on your own. As a solo traveler you will have long stretches of time where you have no one to talk to. This is always a good time to reflect upon your life, trip and what you hope to accomplish once you return home. For some this may lead to feelings of loneliness while others relish in the time away from others.

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