Nazca (Day 7)

Getting to Nazca:

Nazca is 2.5 hours from Inca and Huacachina. (8 hours from Lima 12 hours to Arequipa-the buses to Arequpia usually originate in Lima so you will have to pay the Lima fare. Also beware that violent robberies have occurred on night buses from Nazca to Arequipa)

  • Nazca sits in the heart of the ancient coastal desert Paracas culture.

Activities in Nazca:

  • Take a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines (800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 beautiful animal and plan drawings). The lines are almost imperceptible a ground level it is only when they are viewed from above do the figures and drawings really come to life.
    • Aero Condor Peru is the largest agency that flies over the lines. They have offices in both Lima and Ica.
    • the cost is usually $80 and the flights lasts around an hour
  • Chauchilla Cemetery- Visit a fascinating Pre-Inca cemetery in the Nazca desert with 1500 year-old mummies, bones and pottery.

Sleeping in Nazca:

  • Pirwa Backpackers Nazca (dorms from 7 and doubles from 8.50 p/p)
    • this centrally located hostel comes with all the bells and whistles- private en suite bathroom, private t.v.s, free continental breakfast, free internet throughout the hostel and helpful staff
    • Juan Matta 405, 110301
  • Hospedaje Brabant (dorms from $ 4 and doubles from $7 p/p)
    • This recently opened, no frills, hostel is run by a friendly Peruvian/ Dutch couple. The hostel is located one block from the main square and offers an on- site travel agency to assist you in booking all your Nazca adventures.
    • Calle Juan Matta 878

Nazca, while it seems out of the way is a fantastic stop over.

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