You know you are in Asia too long when …

Rush hour traffic

You know you are in Asia too long…

A good friend of mine recently travelled to the rougher parts of Asia, trekking through Nepal, temple hunting in Tibet, chasing down Komodo dragons in Indonesia and meditating in India. While she is a seasoned traveler, even the backwardness of these parts of Asia surprised her. But as time went on, she grew to love the craziness of it all and couldn’t help sending out this travel e-mail. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

You know you are in Asia too long when…

1.  you’re driving down the highway and there’s an accident but instead of waiting for the traffic to clear, all the cars decide to turn around and drive the wrong way, swerving around the cars coming towards them, and then driving up the other side of the highway, again going the wrong way, only to be stopped by the police and sent back the original way;

Life in Delhi


2. When you’re driving through a flooded street and you look out your window to see a man riding an elephant to your left, a camel to your right, a baby on the back of a motorcycle, a tractor squished with people, a truck with a buffalo trying to escape out the side, another truck filled to the brim with bags of g-d knows what and people squished on top, and then a bus so full that 20 people are also sitting on top;

Making a break for it


3. Women rock climbing up the side of a mountain with sacs the size of a washing machine strapped to their backs;

WOMAN PORTER with SUPPLIES for LABAN RATA, Mount Kinabalu Hike, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia


4. Public toilets do not have stalls but a hole in the ground long enough for 4 people to use at the same time.. and you do;

Nepal 2009 110

5. Peeing behind a bus without toilet paper is standard procedure;


6. A cold shower is a luxury;

cold shower

7. Having to give a photocopy of your passport to use the internet;


8. Having your laundry come back dirtier, smaller, and lighter than when you gave it in to be washed;

dirty laundry

9. When you can get in an accident with a buffalo ass to bumper; and


10. And NONE of this strikes you as odd, it’s probably time to get out or move in.


Do you have any, you know you are in Asia too long moments?

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