Meditative Repose

All humans desire calm and serenity in their lives but learning how to achieve that is often the largest obstacle - here are a few tips so any one can undertake the practice of learning how to meditate.

Learning How to Meditate

Start with a sitting position and a straight back:

To begin your meditative practice, allow your energy to flow with your heart. Imagine the universal good- there are butterflies flying, rivers flowing and beautiful mountains. You wind your way through lush trees until you stumble on a mountain and the mountain shines on you.

There is a golden park leading to the mountain. The mountain tells you to free yourself from thoughts, leave all your thoughts down as you climb  the mountain. This mountain is flowing with unconditional love.

As you reach the top of the mountain there is a golden bed shining with divine colours. The mountain says to you: lie down on the bed, feel the bed flow with unconditional love. As soon as you lie down, you are filled with unconditional love.

The mountain is so happy that you have accepted his love. Wander the hills and find a flowing waterfall. The waterfall knows how to flow  but does not known how it is flowing.  If you want the feeling of nature, you need  to flow with the unconditional love found in nature.

Imagine yourself in the centre  of nature, nature’s unconditional love flows from the centre of the mountain.

Feel the energy and aura of nature and embrace it. Nature offers you unconditional love and wants nothing from you in return.

Learning how to meditate is new easy, but hopefully this simple exercise while controlling your breathing and within time you will feel a calmer newer sense of self.

Rishikesh, March 2006

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