Great Eats in Hong Kong

Best restaurants in Hong Kong

In a city famous for its food, its hard to know where to start – both locals and foreigners are grasping with the question what are the best restaurants in Hong Kong? Cantonese cuisine is a perfect balance of rich flavors and high quality ingredients. While the sophistication of Cantonese cuisine can be overwhelming at times, Hong Kong offers an array of Westernized restaurants serving up urban fare that sill maintains a unique awareness of the caliber of Cantonese cuisine. From dim sum trolleys to tea partys from private dining rooms to holes in the wall- Hong Kong has it all.

Tip: Several restaurants in Hong Kong’s Soho and Lan Kwai Fong district offer half price menus on Mondays.

My favourite spot is TIVO for its thin crust pizzas with high quality toppings. Try their mushroom pizza with 4 different types of mushrooms and truffle oil. Make sure you sample one of their flavor infused martinis.

43-55 Wyndham Street

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Best Dim Sum – Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

1. Luk Yu Teahouse

Average meal between $15- 25

One of the oldest dim sum institutions in Hong Kong, this teahouse has been serving food since 1933 and the atmosphere with its golden colours and Chinese landscape paintings makes you feel as if you are walking though a piece of Hong Kong history. The food is tasty and always fresh. Arrive before 11 am when the food is still served by trolley. Come with an hour or two to kill because the wait can sometimes be up to an hour.

  • 24- 26 Stanley Street
  • Central MTR
  • # (852) 2523-5464

Luk Yu Tea House

2. Maxim’s

Average Meal $10- 20

A Hong Kong classic and probably the most famous dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong is Maxim’s- an inexpensive, can’t miss Hong Kong eating experience. Sundays are the busiest day (waits running upwards of an hour) but on any other day be prepared to wait 20- 30 minutes for a table.

  • Tip: lots of veggie options
  • Low Block, City Hall, Connaught Rd. Central and Edinburgh Place
  • MTR Central

Maxims Dim Sum

Cheap Eats – Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

In one of the most expensive city’s in the world, its not always easy to find a place for a yummy inexpensive meal. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Temple Spice Crabs

Average meal- $15 30

Like most tourists in Hong Kong, a visit to the bustling temple street night market in Kowloon is always high on the must see list.  Once you’ve looked at all the junk and your stomach begins to rumble from the wafts of sizzling garlic and sauteed seafood, head over to one of the open air food stalls. The Temple Spice Crabs restaurant its the first huge outdoor street resto when you walk towards the market from Jordan Rd. I highly recommend the spicy chili garlic crab with some bok choy on the side.

Temple Spice Crabs Restaurants

Temple Spice Crabs Restaurants

2. Flying Pan

Average meal $8- 16

This 24 hour breakfast joint, offers a great array of  greasy spoon fare in an casual dinner setting. It serves everything from classic eggs and eggs benedict to pancakes and cheese blintzes.

Tip: if you pick one of their specialty eggs, you can add toast, a small juice of your choice and 2 sides (fruits salad, green salad, spiced apples, grilled tomato or baked beans) all included in the basic egg price.

  • G/F, 9 Old Bailey Street, Central Hong Kong
  • # (852) 2140 6333
  • There are 2 other locations in Wan Chai and Discovery bay

3. Mix

Average meal $10 and under
This chain provides simple and healthy options for food on the go. It offers  an assortment of ready to order smoothies and pre made sandwiches.

4. Cafe O

Average meal $10 and under

Similar to Mix, this chain is all over Hong Kong. It is a great spot for a quick and easy lunch. They have delicious salads, pizza and sandwiches all at very reasonable prices.

5. Starbucks

Average meal $10 and under

I know this may seem cliché but for those on the cheap, craving some Western food, Starbucks has a variety of salads and sandwiches that are tasty and inexpensive.

6. Cafe Siam

Average Meal $10- 15

While there are tons of Thai options in Hong Kong this reasonably priced 2 level restaurant in Hong Kong right off the mid level escalators in Soho is always tasty.

  • Tip: try their mango salad and green curry
  • 40-42 Lyndhurst terrace
  • Central MTR
  • # (852) 2851 4803

7. Shake ‘Em Buns

Average meal $10- 15

Sometimes we all need a break from the typical Chinese fare and want to sink our teeth into a nice juicy burger. For one of the best burger joints in town head to Shake ‘Em Buns where the burgers are huge and the service is non- existent.  Be ready to shout out some pretty embarrassing names as you place your order. Some of their best sellers are the Missionary (classic burger) the Gang Bang (double patties, cheese and fried egg) and a Happy Threesome ( mixture of various burgers on mini buns).

  • CWB Shop: G/F, 5 Hoi Ping Road
  • Causeway Bay MTR
  • # 852 2572-6220
  • or try their other location
  • CTL Shop: M/G, 76 Wellington Street
  • Central MTR
  • # (852) 2810-5533

8. Maks Noodles

Average Meal – $10 and under

This world famous noodle shop is famous for its delicious broth, wontons and local flavor. Anthony Bourdain said it best about Mak’s – “its all in the broth”. The broth is probably some of the most powerful soup broth you have ever tasted. While the portions look small, a small bowl goes a long way to filling up even the hungriest of patrons.

  • 77 Wellington St.
  • Central, Hong Kong

Private dining rooms – Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

For an eating experience out of the ordinary try the incredibly intimate environment of a private dining room.

1. Da Ping Huo

Average meal $50 (without alcohol) add an extra $10- 20 ish dollars for beer depending on how much you drink

One of Hong Kong’s most popular private dining rooms, is Da Ping Huo run by the cutest husband and wife specializing in Sichuan (a.k.a spicy) cuisine. The meal escalates in spiciness and is intermixed with a few sweet dishes and tons of cold beer to cool down your palate. Just when you think the evening could not get any better, the chef (wiffie) comes out and sings Chinese opera as part of your dessert.

  • Tip: Come hungry- this set meal can consist of up to 14 dishes
  • 49 Hollywood Rd.
  • Central MTR
  • # (852) 2559 1317

Da Ping Huo restaurant

Da Ping Huo restaurant

Splurge – Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

1. Rainbow Seafood Restaurant

Average meal- $15- 50

While there are several options on Lamma island, this restaurant on the Sok KWU Wan side of the island offers the most reliable and delicious seafood. Sitting by the water on a quit island eating fresh fish- is a great place to escape the madness of Hong Kong.

  • Tip: the restaurant offers a free shuttle boat that takes you from Central to the restaurant and back
  • Tip: try the sweet and sour whole fish
  • Shops 1A and 1B 16-20 1st St.
  • Sok Kwu Wan

2. Hutong

Average meal $25- 60

Located in Tsim Tsh Tsuit the combination of rustic Chinese furniture and floor to ceiling windows offering a magnificent view of the Hong Kong skyline. the restaurant serves up northern Chinese restaurant which is a nice change from the typical Sichuan/ Cantonese fare.

  • 1 Pekign Rd.
  • # (852) 3428 8342

3. Felix

Average mains $40- 65

For the ultimate in luxury dining head to the Peninsula to dine in the white interior of Phillippe Starck’s designed restaurant complete with spectacular views of the harbor. The interesting mix of Asian inspired food fused with other ethnic influences astonishes your senses. While the food is good, it is severely overpriced so most people come just for the cocktails.

  • Tip: Reserve ahead if you want a seat near the window
  • Tip: try the Atlantic cod marinated with Japanese-misoyaki sauce of the honeyed tempura prawns.
  • 28/F, Peninsula Hong Kong,
  • Salisbury Rd
  • Tsim Sha Tsui MTR
  • # (852) 2315 3188

4. Wagyu

Average Meal $25- 50

Wagyu reinvents the traditional steakhouse offering a chic and trendy environment to chow down on Wagyu beef imported from Australia. While the beef is delicious they offer an an expansive range of both meat and vegetarian options that promises not to disappoint.

  • Tip: If you are looking for somewhere quiet and intimate go elsewhere this spot is one of the most happening after- work restaurants in Soho.
  • 60 Wyndham Street,
  • Central MTR
  • # (852) 2525 8805

While these are just some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, you can’t really go wrong – from the range of flavors to the authenticity of the dining experience Hong Kong is a fantastic city to pig out

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